As the calendar has changed over to March now, we get closer to our event day. We are less than 100 days away from the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K! We are working diligently to design a great shirt, get medals, make sure our course will be well marked for you (so no one gets confused!) and to put on a race experience you will enjoy and remember, all for a great cause!

With it being March 1, Spring is on its way, and as spring gets closer, you might be thinking about your 5K plan. We know that our event brings out walkers and runners alike, so we just want to offer a few suggestions that can apply to either group.

  • Get outside! It’s beautiful, even if slightly chilly. But it’s refreshing. The air is invigorating and refreshes the soul, which will give your 5K spirits a boost! Whether it’s sunny or overcast and breezy, it’s time to be outdoors again. I’m ready- aren’t you? Besides, running or walking outdoors works the muscles differently and you’ll be so glad to start that now.
  • Add a glass of water to your day. Most people as a whole do not drink enough water. Good training requires good hydration! Start with small goals, and add just one glass a day the first week, and add a second glass the next week. All goals begin with baby steps which, one by one, will get you to the finish line!
  • Stretch after you work out. Many new runners make the mistake of stretching beforehand. If done before, the muscles are not yet warmed up and you actually have potential to hurt the muscles. However, it is key to stretch after your walk or run. Then the muscles have been moved around and worked and can adequately stretch so you won’t be so sore. If, however, you feel an absolute need to stretch beforehand, then do static streches. What are static stretches? They are streches that move your body while stretching- for example, walking lunges, bicycle kicks, or windmills. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.
  • Protein is important! It will rebuild your muscles. It will help in your training .

Regardless of being a beginner, a walker, a runner, or an advanced athlete, we hope you will find these tidbits helpful, and we hope to see you on June 4 out at Cedarville University!

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